DME has been a global leader in manufacturing brewery equipment for commercial breweries, to micro-breweries and brew-pubs. We have a website dedicated to our entire line of brewery equipment. Find out more about the best brewery equipment you can invest in at

DME Process Systems is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality brewery equipment. The DME Brewing Solutions brand of brewery equipment continues to be the sought after standard with craft breweries since 1991. With corporate headquarters located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, sales and support offices in Canada, Holland and China and manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, DME’s team has been leaders in the craft beer industry globally providing quality commercial brewing equipment for more than 1200 projects.

Through the ups and downs of the growth of the craft brewing industry, we like to think that we have learned alongside our customers. That’s why today we are able to offer our customers systems that have been built by brewers and engineers; incorporating decades of feedback, testing, and improvements.

At DME Process Systems, we understand that each brewery project is unique and that you are doing so much more than brewing on our equipment. You’ll be creating a business, realizing a dream or exploring your passion. That’s why our team will be right beside you, just as excited.