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A global leader in the manufacturing of storage and process tanks for the brewing industry, with a growing reputation in the dairy and pharma sectors.


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DME is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality brewery equipment.

The DME Brewing Solutions brand of brewery equipment continues to be the sought after standard with craft breweries for over 30 years. With corporate headquarters located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, sales and support offices in Canada, Holland and China, along with manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, DME’s team has been leaders in the craft beer industry globally providing quality commercial brewing equipment for more than 2,000 projects. 

high-quality brewery equipment

Our Industries


Crafted to perfection

A global leader in manufacturing brewery equipment for commercial breweries, micro-breweries and brew-pubs. DME provides top-quality tanks for some of the world’s most successful breweries and manufacturers. Many companies trust their products inside our stainless steel storage tanks.

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stainless steel brewing tanks


Seamless blending

Delivering a wide range of processors and pasteurizers for the dairy industry. We pride ourselves on the engineering and manufacturing precision of our stainless steel mixing tanks that facilitate seamless blending. 

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dairy pasteurizers


Engineering meets innovation

Our well-established reputation for excellence in the pharmaceutical world is a point of pride. We custom design and manufacture our pressure vessels and tanks with a detail-oriented blend of leading-edge product engineering and innovative thinking.

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Pharma mixing vessels


Quality meets precision

Providing food-grade products and process solutions that follow the highest compliance to meet the cannabis industry standards.

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Cannabis oil processing


Processing and storage tanks

Our wide range of projects for storage, process and mixing vessels consist of a broad variety of tanks, in size and in applications. All tanks are manufactured with the highest precision and are specially designed to meet the requirements of each individual project.

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Food processing

Why choose DME?

Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is driven by:


Pioneering solutions since 1991, we constantly evolve to meet industry demands and exceed expectations.


Our engineers blend technical knowledge with practical experience, ensuring tailor-made solutions for your unique needs.

Global Reach

With solutions deployed worldwide, our expanding network of global locations ensures accessibility and prompt service.


We prioritise sustainable practices across all aspects of our, and our customers’ operations, contributing to a more sustainable future for the industry and the planet.

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Our pathway to a sustainable future

Sustainability is at the core of all we do at DME

We consider it our duty to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives in a way that is sustainable and ecologically friendly.

We are dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint and making sure that the solutions we provide use the least amount of waste and energy possible.

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