Code of Conduct

The essence of our Code of Conduct expresses itself every day through the values that our people live and work by, which is to always be safe, sustainable, customer focused, honest and to always deliver.

Our ambition is to be the best performing and most respected global provider of tanks and process systems for a wide range of industries. To realise this, we are committed to conduct business with integrity, respect and fairness.

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The CLPT Group has a rich history. Our culture is based on values that have been built over many years, even centuries.

Together, we design, build and install solutions for the world’s leading companies active in brewing, distilling, pharmaceutical and other industries. We are responsible for supporting our customers, keeping our business strong and passing it on to future generations in an even stronger shape.

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Klaus Gehrig, President of CIMC Liquid Process Technologies (CLPT)

DME Culture of Brewing perfection