Vision, Mission & Values

Our guiding principles

Across the CLPT Group, we are unpinned by a set of core set of principles.

Our values

We embody a set of core values that define who we are and guide our actions. These values shape our interactions, our decisions, and our future.

People first

People are our most valuable asset. The safety of our employees and the people we influence, is always our first priority. We believe in a respectful, supportive and rewarding working environment that increases satisfaction and promotes career opportunities

Driving sustainability

Focusing on the future of our society is at
the heart of our approach to sustainability. Reducing the impact of our own operations
and supporting our customers with efficient
and sustainable solutions is key to achieving
our long-term sustainability goals.

Customer focused

We are dedicated to perfecting the quality of the products and services we offer to our customers. In a close partnership, we understand our customers’ requirements, which inspires us to innovate for what’s next.

Act with integrity

We are committed to conducting business in an ethical, responsible and accountable way. We are open and honest in our communication; we value cultural awareness and diversity and treat everyone with trust and respect.

Deliver results

We deliver what we promise, every time. We know that by doing so we develop trust, and secure long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Our vision

Our vision is driven by our core purpose, to be the best in the world for safe, efficient, and sustainable liquid processing solutions.

Our mission

To design and deliver innovative solutions to perfect the sustainable production of life’s liquids.

Our values