Cellar/Cold Block

DME offers a wide range of cellars to suit your project needs, infrastructure requirements and budget.  

All of our tanks are built for easy cleaning and feature a static cleaning ball for minimal cleaning time as well as a CIP/vent arm for venting the vessel through a sterile airlock.  High-efficiency glycol cooling jackets are specifically designed to create turbulence and improve heat transfer. Ladder support locks into the rung of a standard ladder for safe access to the top of your vessel, and an optional side or top manway allows for fast and easy access to check on your brews.

On top of that, they’re pretty nice to look at, thanks to our #4 brushed polish steel sheets.

Our range of solutions

Fermentation Tanks

Our fermentation vessels are easy to clean and allow for optimized flow pattern.

Our adjustable racking arm provides maximum beer recovery and our fermentation tanks are fitting with high efficiency glycol cooling jackets.

Bright Beer Tanks

We’re pleased to provide brewers with dependable brite tanks used for carbonation during the brewing process.

Our tanks can be fitted with glycol jackets for cooling or available in single-walled design to be used as serving tanks.

Outdoor Fermenters

Our DME Outdoor Fermenters provide a flexible option for you to grow your capacity without having to add more space.

These outdoor fermenters are designed to withstand all weather systems and are specifically engineered for harsh climates.

Yeast Management

Modified yeast keg

Our 58L Keg is designed with a large 4-inch tri-clamp opening for accessible cleaning and drains with a butterfly valve.

Yeast Brink

Our industry-leading fermenter is designed to incorporate upgrades for yeast storage. This is fully CIP compatible, available in standard 3BBL, 5BBL, 7BBL, 10BBL and 15BBL sizes.

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