Outdoor Fermenters

Outdoor Fermenters to grow your capacity

Our DME Outdoor Fermenters provide a flexible option for you to grow your capacity without having to add more space.

These outdoor fermenters are designed to withstand all weather systems and specifically engineered for harsh climates.

Trust us when we say we know harsh climates; we’re from Canada.

The perfect solution for growing your capacity

  • 7/8” corrugated siding is available for harsh outdoor environments and is available in multiple colours.
  • The vessel skirt provides robust attachment to the ground. The skirt enclosure is accessible to provide environmental protection when performing routine operations.
  • Option of top or side manway with hand turn knobs for easy access to the vessel
  • CIP Fitting with rotating spray ball provides optimal cleaning performance at low liquid volumes and low pressures. Optional static cleaning nozzles are also available.
  • Dual purpose CIP/Vent Arm for venting the vessel through sterile air. Internal piping provides easy connection at comfortable working height within the vessel skirt.
  • PVRV protects against over pressurization or vacuum collapse of tank. Self-sealing after operation for reduced risk of beer contamination.
  • Multiple 9” thermowells provide accurate fermentation temperature for precision process control throughout the entire volume. These thermowells isolate the temperature sensor from the process, allowing for troubleshooting and replacement without draining the vessel.
  • Pour in polyurethane foam insulation provides a high insulating value and expands to fill every corner of the insulating space.
  • High efficiency glycol cooling jackets are specially designed to create turbulence and improve heat transfer. Dual side jackets and single cone jacket are placed to minimize thermal stratification and maximize cooling performance for multiple batch sizes.
  • Internal glycol piping provides insulation and protection from the environment by running piping behind the gladding. Connection points are conveniently grouped in a single location for ease of interface with the cooling system.
  • Sample port is internally piped with dedicated drain to provide a convenience location to draw-off the wort sample and purge accumulated yeast.
  • An adjustable racking port shows adjustment of racking level for maximum beer recovery.
Outdoor Fermenters

Outdoor Fermentation Tanks that can handle Canadian weather!

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