Supporting Equipment

For all your brewing needs

In addition to brewhouse and cellar vessels, we are proud to design and fabricate accessory pieces for breweries. 

Brewhouse Equipment

Keg Washers / Filters

Keg Washers / Filters

From manual to semi automatic, our range of keg washers and fillers saves not only time but space too.

Clean in Place

Clean in Place brewing

DME’s newest CIP (Clean In Place) system is built to set and forget so you can focus on other tasks. This CIP skid is portable and semi-automatic for a wide range of environments to keep your equipment safe, sanitary and clean.

Hop Egg

The Hop Egg helps you get the most out of your dry hopping by blending hops with your finished or fermenting beer for safe and sanitary re-introduction into your cellar vessels.

The Hop Egg can also be used for yeast pitching and mixing, adjunct blending and dosing, clarification additives and other cellar additions. Available in 4HL, 8HL or 11HL sizes.

Hop Egg

Yeast Management

Modified yeast keg

Our 58L Keg is designed with a large 4-inch tri-clamp opening for accessible cleaning and drains with a butterfly valve.

Yeast Brink

Our industry-leading fermenter is designed to incorporate upgrades for yeast storage. This is fully CIP compatible, available in standard 3BBL, 5BBL, 7BBL, 10BBL and 15BBL sizes.

Yeast Brink
DME Brewing Equipment

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