Commercial Fermentation Tanks

Commercial fermentation tanks that can produce your great beer

Our DME commercial fermentation tanks help brewers produce great beer. These fermentation vessels are easy to clean and allow for optimized flow pattern.

Our adjustable racking arm provides maximum beer recovery and our fermentation tanks are fitting with high efficiency glycol cooling jackets.

Did you know: by increasing your fermentation capacity you can efficiently increase your brewing capacity?

We have fermenters ranging in sizes from 5BBL – 120BBL and options manufactured in North America and Asia depending on your brewing needs.



Option of top or side manway c/w hand-turn knobs provides fast and easy access to vessel.

CIP Fitting

Static cleaning ball provides reliable cleaning performance and optimized flow pattern to minimize cleaning time and water usage. Optional rotating cleaning nozzles are also available. External clamped connection permits easy maintenance and replacement of the cleaning nozzle without entering the vessel.


Dual purpose arm for venting vessel through sterile air lock. Provides easy connection point at comfortable working height for brewer. Includes pressure gauge and gas valve c/w quick-connect gas connection.


Protects against over pressurization or vacuum collapse of tank. Self sealing after operation for reduced risk of beer contamination. Easy disassembly for cleaning.

Ladder support

Locks into the rung on a standard ladder providing safe access to top of vessel.


#4 Brushed polish sheets provide a show-piece finish suitable for high-pressure wash-down.

Adjustable foot pads

Tilting pads ensure full floor contact without gaps and simplify vessel leveling for vessels under 100BBL.

Cone bottom

60 degree cone bottom is optimized for excellent yeast settling characteristics and harvesting of yeast from the bottom drain without channeling.

Cooling jackets

High efficiency glycol cooling jackets are specially designed to create turbulence and improve heat transfer. Dual side jackets are located to minimize thermal stratification and maximize cooling performance for single or double batch sizes. (90BBL designed for triple batches). Cone jacket keeps flocculated yeast cold, minimizing autolysis and maintaining yeast health.


Pour-in polyurethane foam insulation has a high insulating value and expands to fill every corner of the insulating space achieving a superior performance compared to fiber batts. Insulating foam is specially formulated for use with stainless vessels.

Sample port

Sanitary sample valve provides convenient location to draw-off wort sample.

Racking port

Adjustable racking arm allows adjustment of racking level for maximum beer recovery.


9” thermowell provides accurate fermentation temperature for precision process control. The thermowell isolates the temperature sensor from the process, allowing the brewer to troubleshoot and replace the sensor without draining the vessel.


Sanitary drain valve is kept close to the bottom of the fermenter to prevent yeast and wort being held in piping at room temperature, resulting in spoilage and off-flavours. Drain sized for low turbulence product transfers and CIP without cavitation.

Head space

Minimum 25% headspace allows for vigorous ale fermentations without foam losses. Height to diameter ratios optimized for fast fermentations and high attenuation.

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