DME provides top-quality tanks for some of the world’s most successful breweries and manufacturers. Many companies trust their products inside our stainless steel storage tanks.

Every business is different. That means that every business also has varied size, shape, and capacity requirements. We offer multiple stainless steel storage tanks to accommodate a range of locations. Our tanks options include flat-bottom, dish-bottom, and cone-bottom shapes.

Additionally, you can find both vertical and horizontal tanks at DME. Whether you want your storage indoors or outdoors, let us know your space constraints. We’ll find a solution that fits perfectly. If it hasn’t already been built, we can craft it for you.

The shape isn’t the only customizable option when it comes to DME steel tanks. Additionally, you may request any variety of automated and electronic controls. Measure temperature, volume, adjust settings, and more. Save time on cleaning and sanitization with our clean-in-place options.

For many of our steel tanks, we have both a single wall and a jacketed option. The jacket provides insulation and makes temperature-control much easier. Keep warm beverages warm and cool beverages cool in our jacketed stainless steel storage tanks.

If you need pressure-controlled options, you can find tanks that adhere to ASME standards at DME. Our tanks are certified food grade. Dry foods, perishables, beverages, pharmaceutical chemicals, and even oil are stored in DME tanks. Let us know what you need to mix or store in our tanks, and we’ll point you towards our options that fit the standards required for your product.

Our tanks are typically built from either one of two materials, both stainless steel. Our 304 stainless steel is the most economical corrosion-resistant option you’ll find. However, 316 stainless steel provides a bit of added protection from corrosion and chemical reaction. Based on what you need to store, 316 stainless steel may be a necessity. But even if 316 isn’t a requirement for the type of product you’re brewing or mixing, the added durability can go a long way.