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Our continuous mash filtration system adds flexibility to the lautering process.

With the continuous mash filtration system NESSIE, the mash is separated, in a dynamic process, into wort and spent grains and the spent grains are sparged in order to obtain the extract.

The mash transfer time corresponds to the lautering time. The separation of the mash is carried out via four filter units in cascade arrangement, in which the rotary disk filters perform the separation of wort and spent grains. The sparging of the extract is carried out in parallel using a turbulent counterflow extraction. The sparging water is injected via fine nozzles in the transition between the filter units. The flow direction of the water is principally opposed to the flow direction of the solids.

“We are very delighted that Mark Anthony Brewing has entrusted us with this very significant project, especially as this is our first partnering up, and then immediately a project of this magnitude. This underlines the great reputation our performance enjoys in the market, especially for turnkey projects with a high integration part beside our OEM equipment”

said Mr. Florian Schneider, Director Sales Process Technology of Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH.

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