#CBC2024 with BrewDog Las Vegas!

The DME team recently had the privilege of attending the Craft Brewers Conference in Las Vegas, meeting with friends both old and new from across Northern America and worldwide.

An incredibly productive few days, this event was brought to a whole new level thanks to our friends over at BrewDog Las Vegas, where we were able to hold an evening get-together for our closest craft brewing friends from across the US, as well as being joined by our sister companies Ziemann Holvrieka, Briggs of Burton and Kunzel!

This evening event gave us the perfect opportunity to check in with the BrewDog team and see how their DME-fitted brewing tanks were getting on, two years after the memorable project was completed. 

We were also lucky enough to snap a quick video together, speaking with Ben Chambers and Weston Barkley from the BrewDog team about their thoughts on DME’s craft brewery tanks at BrewDog Las Vegas.

Our Key Takeaways:

  • Customer Connection: “Having a kit like the one here does everything for us and really allows us to connect better with customers than any other pub on the strip.”
  • Showpiece Quality: “It’s definitely an eye-catching feature when you walk out of the elevators—it’s sexy, it’s right there, and it kicks off the feel for the consumer.”
  • Innovative Brewing: “We have a 10 Barrel electric brewhouse that’s unique for its size—the first electric brewhouse I’ve ever worked on. The support from DME has been fantastic.”
  • Ease of Use: “Even with high hop loads, we get great results and clean wort. The element is easy to clean, making the brewing process seamless.”

Whether you’re an established technical brewer or an upstart brewery, DME offers unmatched versatility and reliability to brew world-class beers. 

Ready to elevate your brewing game? Explore DME for your brewing needs today!

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